A 20th Century Immigration System Harms Both India and United States

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Millions of professionals from India have immigrated to every part of the world. These highly-skilled individuals have worked hard to make meaningful contributions to their countries of residence and have therefore become “successful Pravasi Bharatiya”! However, the term “successful” is subjective. Especially in the case of United States of America, the success of Indian immigrants […]

Let’s Stop Discriminating Against Immigrants From Populous Nations

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Immigrants from India waiting to receive residency in the United States may die before they receive their green cards. The line is disproportionately long for Indians because the law discriminates against immigrants from populous countries, skewing the immigration flow to the benefit of immigrants from countries with fewer people. This policy—a compromise that resolved a long-dead immigration […]

A response to your petition on immigration reform

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About two months ago we posted a petition for the White House which aimed to raise concerns and awareness about decades long Green Card backlogs for skilled immigrants primarily from India, failure of USCIS/DHS to implement President’s executive orders effectively and recapture of wasted GCs. The White House responded to the petition today. The overall […]

The Government Has Cheated Legal Immigrants for Decades

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For decades, the government has cut the number of immigrants far below what Congress authorized. Since 1990, every administration has misinterpreted the law, counting the spouses and children of legal immigrants against the limits on immigration when the statute lacks the requirement. This has cut the available slots for high-skilled workers in half, creating endless […]

How To Fix Our Messed-Up Immigration System So It Boosts The Economy

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Recently, the Supreme Court, through a 4-4 vote, affirmed a federal judge’s ruling and effectively killed President Obama’s suspension of the law requiring deportation of millions of illegal immigrants to instead grant them work visas. It’s obvious the court can’t fix our immigration system, however. Congress has to take up the task. If the recent […]

Why does the US discriminate against immigrants from big countries?

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Fifty years ago last month, America shed a system of racially biased immigration limits for individual countries. Although it was a great step forward, Congress then replaced that discriminatory system with per-country immigration limits that were — and still are — arbitrary and economically damaging. In 2011, the House already passed a bill to repeal […]